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Useful links


  • Website of the Reserved Designations and Added-Value Claims Board (CARTV), which provides all the necessary information on the Act Respecting Reserved Designations and Added-Value Claims, the programs we administer and the latest information on the organic agri-food sector in Quebec.
  • Website of the National Organic Program, the U.S. equivalent of the CAQ, which oversees the production and marketing of organic products in the United States - a must if you want to export products to the U.S.
  • Website of the Organic Material Review Institute, which lists the inputs allowed for organic production in the United States. The information is provided in English only and the products listed may not be available or permitted in Canada.


  • La Revue Aube - A magazine that offers solutions to the challenges faced by society.
  • La Guilde des herboristes - A non-profit organization that unites professionals and devotees of herbal and medicinal plants.

Education and/or Information

  • Agri-réseau - Their organic section aims to provide you with fast and up-to-date information on agri-food. This section is devoted to organic products.
  • Canadian Organic Growers - The COG is an organization dedicated to the exchange of information on organic agriculture, uniting gardeners and farmers.
  • English website which provides information on pesticides and their effects on health and the environment.
  • Health Canada web site includes a list of approved GMO products. It is precious information for those wishing to avoid them.
  • Réseau d’avertissement phytosanitaire - Information site for Quebec agri-food producers and other stakeholders on the presence and evolution of crop pests in their region and the most appropriate intervention strategies in an integrated crop management and sustainable development context.
  • La Semaine Verte Weekly issue on topics touching on agri-food. Several reports are available in the archives, some of which relate to organic production.
  • CRAAQ - a centre whose mission is to contribute to the development of agricultural and agri-food sectors in terms of technology transfer and dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge.
  • La Sourcière, Nancy Meigs, Cheesemaker - teaches courses on the making of cheese, bread, lacto-fermented vegetables, medicinal herbs transformation and the making of artisinal soap. 819 751-5151


  • Website of the Independent Organic Inspectors Association, an association of voluntary inspectors dedicated to the verification of world-wide organic production.


  • Drinking water, official list of accredited laboratories in accordance with the standards and requirements of the accreditation program of analytical laboratories (ACAP) (in french only)
  • Research and analysis, Berger’s laboratories have set the standard for versatile research and analysis services. They are widely known for quality work and reliable results. Their professional scientists conduct microbiological analyses, as well as analyses of water quality, nutritive solutions, substrate, leaf tissues, and the physical properties of substrates.

Organizations and Association

  • Équiterre - Équiterre's mission is to help build a citizens' movement by promoting individual and collective choices which are environmentally as well as socially responsible. It contains information on the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Did you know that you can join the Community Supported Agriculture network without being part of the organic food basket program? We invite you to participate so that you can offer your produce and join other farmers who share their harvest through these organic food baskets. For more information, please contact Isabelle Joncas at Équiterre: ijoncas@equiterre.org
  • GreenPeace – A group that no longer needs to prove that the peaceful struggle against environmental degradation produces countless results. This worldwide organization is known for its stand on environmental issues and advocates non-violence. GreenPeace is a non-profit organization which campaigns strongly against the use of GMOs.
  • Union Paysanne – An agricultural union that seeks to defend rural agriculture and human dimension. - www.unionpaysanne.com and www.quebecbio.com promote farming and local organic food and inform us of different events, uniting certified organic producers and processors.
  • Organic Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation – The Association Intelligence Verte shows us how the rediscovery of ancient plants and organic agriculture contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.
  • The website of the Fédération d'agriculture biologique du Québec (FABQ) unites more than 200 organic farmers and includes interesting descriptions of several industries as well as projects in progress.
  • Website of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, an organization dedicated to the development, unification and support of organic production in all its diversity.

Organic seeds

  • Semencier du Patrimoine - A non-profit organization of gardeners who produce and preserve traditional varieties of seeds with the intent of preserving their genetic heritage.
  •  Organic seeds - Frederic Sauriol, La Ferme de Bullion; debullion@sympatico.ca; Certified Organic since 1999; Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Baskets from the farm, seeds, conferences. http://www.semencesbio.ca
  • La Société des plantes - A catalogue of a hardy variety of seeds, or, for those interested in the beauty of plants, ethnobotany, living heritage, cuisine or "Slow-Food".

Consulting Services

  • The directory for agricultural consulting services contains organic agriculture references for the transition plan, the organic crops management plan, the organic livestock production plan and the implementation of organic certification.